Mahmoud Heristchian 1*, Pouyan Pourakbar 2, Saeed Imeni 1, M Reza Adib Ramezani 1

  1. Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch (IAU STB), Iran
  2. Graduate IAU STB


Exposed base-plates together with anchor bolts are the customary method of connection of steel structures to the concrete footings. Post Kobe studies revealed that the embedded column bases respond better to the earthquake uplift forces. The embedded column bases also, offer higher freedom in achieving the required strength, rigidity and ductility. The paper presents the results of the pull-out failure of three embedded IPE140 sections, tested under different conditions. The numerical models are then, generated in Abaqus 6.10-1 software. It is concluded that, the steel profiles could be directly anchored in concrete without using anchor bolts as practiced in the exposed conventional column bases. Such embedded column bases can develop the required resistance against pull-out forces at lower constructional costs.