Emeritus Professor Hoshyar Nooshin is celebrating his 50th year of teaching and research at the University of Surrey. His academic career started in May 1963 when he joined the Department of Civil Engineering of the Battersea College of Advanced Technology (predecessor of the Univ ersity of Surrey) as an Assistant Lecturer.

Subsequently, he held the positions of Lecturer, Reader and Professor, and carried on with his academic activities after retirement, as a part-time Professor. He became an Emeritus Professor in 2008, but he continues to be active in teaching and research. Currently, he is involved in the supervision of 5 research students. Also, the number of PhD Degrees awarded to his research students in the past is 36, with the main area of his research being the computer aided design of spatial structures.

Professor Nooshin was born in 1934 in Tehran, Iran. He received his first degree in Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Tehran. Subsequently, he obtained a postgraduate degree of DIC in Structural Engineering from Imperial College, UK, and a Degree of PhD in the field of Spatial Structures from the University of London. Professor Nooshin was the Director of the Space Structures Research Centre of the University of Surrey for 28 years. He was the Chief Editor of the International Journal of Space Structures for 20 years. Also, he was a member of the executive council of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS), as well as a member of the Advisory Board of this association for a number of years.

He is the originator of the concepts of formex algebra and has many publications in this area. His interests are mainly in the fields of structural engineering, mathematics and philosophy.